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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Insect Hotel - Project Complete, first invertebrates move in!

A lot has happened since the insects last blogged: 3 sessions with Gatton Primary, Christmas, New Year and most all of January! High time we caught you up.

The last 3 sessions with the school where filled with habitat creation. Each week we looked back at the 15 minute "mini-hotels" during the first 4 sessions and were delighted to find lots of tenants. Wood lice, worms, centipedes and millipedes had moved in to the nooks and crannies.

On Tuesday January 20th, we convened a celebration with 7 student reps and 2 VIPs... our local Councillor from Wandsworth Council, Candida Jones and Chris Young from RHS Campaign for School Gardening. TTT contributors to the project also came along, as did teachers from Gatton School. We're delighted you could all come, thank you for sparing the time.

The Insect Hotel is named! The 7 Student Reps with Rifat Batool, Headteacher and Chris Young, RHS  Regional Campaign for School Gardening Advisor, London.
Read on to read the words of the Student Reps, what was their experience?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Birds, stories, a volcano, willows: a winter day in the Community Garden, Sunday 25th January

All welcome to join us for a winter day this weekend in the 
Tooting Community Garden at 5 North Drive, SW16 1RN

Brave the cold outside, 
and swap screen time for wild time


Shhhhh…take part in the RSPB Garden Birdwatch


Bird-themed storytelling with Emily Duizend


Tea making with the volcano kettle


Get active adding willow to our living willow yurt  

>Come for any part or all of the day
>For all ages 5-105
>All materials provided
>The activity area is wheelchair accessible
>Nearest toilet to the garden is at Tooting Athletics Track
>To see the poster: click here 
>Updates: Tooting Community Garden or Transition Town Tooting on Facebook
>Many thanks to Emily Duizend:

We started the willow yurt 3 years ago
Any queries, please comment on Facebook or email us here

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Community Celebration at Parliament

It was great to attend Sadiq Khan's community group celebration at the Speaker's house at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday. These gatherings of the many different Tooting and Wandsworth community groups are a great opportunity to make contact and network. Just for example, connections ranged from meeting Sudha, Ramesh and Kanta of the Hindu Society in Garratt Lane who run a programme for senior citizens on Thursday lunchtimes to meeting Tooting tweeters Alice and Andrew, alias Tooting About; the evening was full of interesting chats.
We also got to wander around the amazing rooms steeped in hundreds of years of history, the walls adorned with pictures of the Speakers down the centuriues.  We heard a polished and witty presentation from current Speaker Jon Bercow and applauded some Sadiq-selected Community Heroes. Here's hoping that there is more collaboration and cross-fertilisation of all our area's local groups in 2015.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Transport in Tooting

A few transport issues have caught my eye this weekend. Firstly I am well in support of Wandsworth Council's opposition to the expansion of Heathrow. Who wants more aircraft noise blighting our quiet enjoyment of SW17 and around. Not me. See the Council's reasoning and ways to have a say in the consultation here.

Crossrail2 Safeguarding Area
Another issue for consultation is the proposed route and access shafts for Crossrail2. The plans will undoubtedly be of benefit to commuters in the Tooting Broadway area, but a big concern for me is the proposal to site permanent access shafts on both Trinity Fields and Wandsworth Common. This is currently under consultation and I think it is important to oppose any further infringement into community green spaces. Dan Watkins has a good analysis of the impacts for Tooting and around on his site here.  You have until Weds 28th January to voice your opinion to

Meanwhile Jon Irwin's tireless campaigning for a more people and cycle friendly urban space in our area continues. His latest campiagn is to make Tooting Bec Road safer. Will Balham Boulevard become a reality this year? I hope so. Check out details on these and the latest on local cycling and street design issues here

Finally Wandsworth Council's snail's progress towards 20mph on residential roads sees some action now in Bedford and Furzedown but what about the rest of us? Let's hope there is more progress in 2015. Wandsworth Living Streets and the Wandsworth group of 20s Plenty For Us continue to campaign for better safer streets for all.  dt

Saturday, 3 January 2015

'I never knew you could do so much with paper'

The title for this first TTT blog post of New Year 2015 is a parent's comment at our 'Reduce, Re-use, RESPARKLE!' crafts making session run with the Tooting Library on the Saturday before Christmas. 

'I never knew you could do so much with paper' is a great prompt for us all about seeing things differently, about challenge, about taking action, about sustainability, about exploring new skills together across ages and cultures, about appreciating the local settings we have in Tooting (including great community places like the Library), about coming together to have some surprises and fun.

Those are all 'resolutions' that TTT will  aspire to in 2015. 

What did we do in the 'RESPARKLE!' session?

We used recycled materials and simple methods to enthuse children and adults with making beautiful seasonal decorations, presents or bags from 'waste' - old newspapers from the Library, single-side printed A4 docs, juice cartons, and more.

It was a very full two hours - from a standing start at 2:00 pm, we were almost swamped by lots of nimble fingers, questions, concentration and focus, and smiles...and a big range of ages, nationalities and cultures. 

Friday, 26 December 2014

Number 12 in TTT's '12 tweets to Christmas'

Here is tweet number twelve:
No.12 tips for Xmas. Celebrate Xmas eve with some English wine from Kent or locally brewed beer from By The Horns!

And...that's the last of our twelve seasonal sustainability tweets: each one from a different person, saying something she or he wants to share that fits with this time of year. We hope that each of them gives you something to think about, or follow up.

We hope you enjoyed them too, whether you saw them on twitter as they came out during the past 12 days, or if you are seeing them gathered here on the TTT blog.
We'll list them again in our next TTT monthly mail out. 
Thanks for following!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Number 11 in TTT's '12 tweets to Christmas'

Here is tweet number eleven:
No.11 #Xmas Tip: save your Xmas veg peelings for some lovely compost and start growing for 2015! #Tooting #Transition

Monday, 22 December 2014

Number 10 in TTT's '12 tweets to Christmas'

Here is tweet number ten:
No.10 in TTT's 12 tweets to Xmas: Midwinter but the sun is heading back our way. In every darkness the seed of renewal lies #Tooting #Transition 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Number 9 in TTT's '12 tweets to Christmas'

Here is tweet number nine:
No.9 tips for Xmas: Mark The Dark. Sit still awhile without light. Enjoy winter's dark solstice magic. Today the sun's new year begins!

Number 8 in TTT's '12 tweets to Christmas'

Here is tweet number eight:
No.8 tips for Xmas: Take a few moments to think back on the year for 3 things you have been grateful for & 1 thing you're looking forward to

Plus a bonus comment for the blog: 

Sustainability on a personal note….
Experiencing, savouring and building on the positive emotions you have when you are happy can support your wellbeing and help buffer against the negative things that might happen. These tips could help support sustained happiness and help build resilience to the challenges of climate change.